The Downfall of Shooting Games: Call of Duty


Black Ops has been described as the “best-selling entertainment title of the time,” with over 7 million copies sold on its first day of release, and Modern Warfare 3 is currently trying to top it with a 32% increase in pre-orders. However, for many more substantial and more competitive players, first-person games’ quality has become apparent with how issues like Modern Warfare Aimbot keep surfacing in the open. Yet, video game publishers are not willing to take risks when they try to release unconventional FPS variants, with the result that innovations are pushed almost entirely forward.


Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 didn’t, and they were fantastic – the games were so innovative, and people couldn’t stop playing them. It started with Call of Duty, which at first was an effort. CoD:4 brought it into the mainstream anyway. You had to go in the direction of the arrows and do what you were told. The problem is that developers started to produce more time on this mode and spend much less time in multiplayer.

Players hardly spend any time in single-player mode (most players probably play only once, 6-10 hours, while they still spend weeks or usually months in online multiplayer mode). Game developers have found that more individuals will only get their game if they make the standard player feel like they have a good knowledge of the game. Games that are difficult to learn are not worth playing, while simple, fast, and enjoyable games are.

Casual Players

ConsolCall of Duty has a recurring theme: weapons with a ridiculous game. This change eliminates the need to have any firefight skills; you don’t need to practice, point, and pull the trigger. Modern war sniper rifles zoom and kill in almost any number and require virtually no skill. Modern Warfare tried to hide the truth that grenade launchers are still out of play; in the last games, there was a unique death feed symbol when a person was killed with a grenade launcher. Like the grenade launcher, for example, it is not necessary to aim the knife. Many fascinating ideas have been suggested, but, to the gamer community’s displeasure, no changes have been made. There is simply no obligation to reward players for their poor performance. The only real benefit for them will be to ensure the demographic shortage of players.