Kinds of Bong Designs and Materials


Perhaps you’re looking for bongs online and suddenly feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of different types. The number of different types of bongs available on the market can sometimes make it difficult for customers when it comes to choosing the perfect bong. MJ Arsenal teaches us the difference between the mini rig and the freeze pipe dab rig. Below are some of the kinds of bong designs and materials.

Types of Bong Designs

Straight Tube

If you’re looking for simplicity and effectiveness, then a perfect pipe bong is exactly what you should choose. Cups can hold more water inside because of their larger quantity, resulting in more percolation.


Bong percolators optimize the cleaning and cooling effect to give you a much smoother option. You can choose based on your taste and preference, but percolator notions are usually more expensive than regular hookahs.


The perfect pipe splits into two different chambers with a pipe or a third location and provides more filtration flow. It ends up in cooler and smoother hits than other layouts. However, these bongs are a bit difficult to clean afterward.

Types of Bong Materials


Ceramic bongs are not only thicker and much more delicate than their counterparts due to the nature of this material, but they can also be more expensive. In return, though, you get more options in general when it comes to mold colors, shapes, sizes, and colors.


Vinyl bongs are very durable and there is almost no risk of them breaking if you accidentally pull them. They are cheaper and also a great option for travel because they don’t break easily. Many people say that the only negative thing about using a plastic bong is that it will effect the smell which many people don’t like.


Like vinyl, metal is also quite durable, inexpensive, and carries much less risk of damage to bongs. Metal can also slightly alter the flavor of your smoke. Also, it’s hard to know if you should wash a metal bong.


Sticks Bamboo bongs can be elaborate or simple, depending on what you choose. They are very powerful and will last for many years if you take good care of them. You will come across many points to consider when buying a bong, and we have to make this decision easier for you.

Now learn more about the shapes and substances of bongs. Then you can decide on the best one based on your preferences and continue smoking in style. Many people prefer different smoking styles. That is why you need to know the different types of bongs before you start using one.